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Ultimate Trains: Machines of the Future
"Take a trip through the evolution of train technology, from when coal-burning engines were king to the ultimate in train design for the 21st century - magnetic levitation trains, or maglevs. Try the Build it Yourself experiments and discover the science behind ultimate trains."
textual record : hardcover book with dustcover

2010.020.003 Library
More Info Sun, Moon and Stars
School book re science
book : softcover

2009.029.417 1-3-1-8
More Info Protection in Nature
school text on protection of animals and plants
book : softcover

2009.029.418 1-3-1-7
More Info How Birds Live
School text on survival of birds and how they live
book : softcover

2009.029.419 1-3-1-9

Arithmetic Book II
Arithmetic text book for use in B.C. and Nova Scotia
book : hardcover

2009.029.420 Library

Peeps at Many Lands, The Holy Land
Brief History of the Holy Land, stamped 'Property of Cranbrook Central School'
book : hard cover, col. illustrations

2009.029.421 Library

Pathways in Science, Out of Doors
Introduction of Science to elementary school curriculum
book : hardcover, b&w illustrations

2009.029.422 Library

Pathways in Science, Our Wide, Wide World
Introduction of science to elementary school curriculum
book : hardcover, b&w illustrations

2009.029.423 Library
More Info Highroads of Literature, First Book
Royal School Series, first book - with one copy that is very fragile/delicate in MSS.0099.0001
book : hardcover, col. illustrations

2009.029.424 Library
More Info The Story of Frogs
Educational story of frogs for elementary school curriculum
book : softcover, b&w illustrations

2009.029.425 1-3-1-10
More Info The Seasons
Introduction of species survival because of adaptations to their surroundings to elementary school curriculum
book : softcover, col illustrations

2009.029.426 1-3-1-11
More Info The Progressive Road to Reading
Book Three A - inspiration to children to read books
book : softcover, b&w illustrations

2009.029.427 Library

Pathways in Science, We Look About Us
Text to meet the needs of inquisitive young children
book : hard cover, col. illustrations

2009.029.428 Library

Highroads of Literature
Book II - Bards and Minstrels, the Royal School Series
book : softcover, col illustrations

2009.029.429 Library

Highroads of Literature
The Royal School Series - Book III - The Morning Star
book : hard cover, col. illustrations

2009.029.430 Library
More Info The Violin
Music scores for the Violin, Music Primers
book : softcover

2009.029.435 1-3-2-20

Advertisement of King Edward's School from The Vernon News, June 11th, 1914
Emailed copy of Ad for King Edward's School received from on of Jim Cameron's (Janus) readers. The copy is from the Vernon News, and dated June 11, 1914. It seems to place the Tower House, King Edward School & Mrs. Cherrington all at the same location. A scan of same ad from Barbara Bell, Archivist from the Greater Vernon Museum & Archives.
textual records : email copy of ad 1914

June 11, 1914
2011.036.001 2-2-4-13
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