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More Info Picturesque Canada Souvenir Playing Cards
Playing cards in blue cardboard card package. Each exterior side of card features col. illustration of Chateau Frontenac, Quebec. Interior side feature oval b&w photographic illustration of various Canadian tourist attractions.
artifact : playing cards

1980.049.002 ARTIFACT.SMALL.0006.0001

Signatures in Steel
Completion of the Canadian railway from ocean to ocean consummated the promises of Confederation and united the Dominion in spirit and in fact. The photographs presented in this book are moments carefully and deliberately frozen in time.
Duplicate of 2007.033.049 (stored in Rare & Fragile Books)
col. photographs
book : hardcover

1992.018.001 Library

The Greatest of All Song Collections: Canada Sings: Community Songbook
Canadian Pacific Foundation Library. Notes and suggestions by Harold Eustace Key, Conductor, Mendelssohn Choir, Montreal, PQ. Includes lyrics and music scores.
Crest indicates it belongs to the library of The Canadian Pacific Foundation Railway
textual record : book

2007.019.001 Rare & Fragile Books
More Info Waiting for the 5:05 - Terminal, Station & Depot in America
History of railroading in America, including such topics as the coming of the railroad, evolution of the station, art of the engineer, the railroad hotel and restaurant, the Spanish influence, the station of office building, modern lines.
b&w photographs, appendix of Canadian stations, index.
book : softcover

2007.034.033 Library 76-56632

Guide to Common Vertebrate Fossils from the Cretaceous of Alberta
Coil bound soft cover. illustrations by Hope Johnson.
Textual Record: Softcover Book

2017.014.003 Resource Library
More Info The Face Of Time: the geological history of Western Canada
Very Large Hard Cover. Bound with Grey Duct Tape. Loose Sheet of Systematic Relationships and Chronological Extent of the Nine Trilobite Orders. Class Trilobita 1771
Book: Hard Cover

2017.017.005 Over Size

Joseph Belanger
Oil Painting of Joseph Belanger

Had spent some 47 years of his life here in Cranbrook. He followed construction on the Crow’s Nest line,
first as brakeman and then as conductor. Later taking a job as
yardman until he was superannuated.
Painting: Coloured oil

2017.032.041 Upstairs Storage
More Info 17Ath Ave Condominiums, 1st Street 17th Ave: Floor Plans, Schedule
17Ath Ave Condominiums, 1st Street 17th Ave: Floor Plans, Schedule
architectural drawing : Blueprint

Sept 81
2018.002.734 MSS Oversize Shelving
More Info Tom Cat Holdings, 1st St. 8th Ave: Office Building for Tom Cat Holdings
Tom Cat Holdings, 1st St. 8th Ave: Office Building for Tom Cat Holdings
architectural drawing : Blueprint

2018.002.757 MSS Oversize Shelving
More Info Canadian Liquid Air: No Title
Canadian Liquid Air: No Title
architectural drawing : Blueprint

2018.002.939 MSS Oversize Shelving
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