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Accession # Location
More Info Rail & Highway
Western Canada & USA
textual record : map

1978.032.011 2-6-5-29
More Info Pocket Map & Shipper's Guide of BC
Includes Map (53 cm x 67 cm) of British Columbia showing railroads and communities.
textual record : booklet

1981.041.027 PF.0145.0004
More Info South Eastern British Columbia
''South Eastern British Columbia" (1953)
map : printed, col

1982.062.001 MAP DRAWER 8 (2010-02)
More Info B.C. Roadmap
Official road map of BC (1939)

1982.077.001 2-6-4-2
More Info Northwest USA, Canada, Yukon, Alaska Travel Guide
'Travel Guide, 1985' - one copy included
textual record : pamphlet, printed

1987.049.001 PF.0187.0045
More Info
'Travel Guide, 1985'

1987.049.001A Archives - Filing Cabinet
More Info B.C. & Western Canada
Shell highway map of B C & Western Canada
map : printed, col

1988.028.001 2-6-4-9
More Info British Columbia Road Map
British Columbia roads (1988)

1988.062.003 2-6-4-12
More Info
SE British Columbia (1962)


Atlas of British Columbia
maps & photos
book : hardcover

1998.006.009 Library
More Info Local History
CPR Plan of Land Cleared Lot 4590. Showing Proposed subdivisions.
textual record : map

2003.061.016 2-6-4-25
More Info Local History
Hand Drawn map on CPR Letter head , shows land immediately north of international boundary shows south fork meadow creek
textual record : map

2003.061.017 2-6-4-25
More Info Local History
Hand Drawn map of Lot 4590, shows land on both side of Bull River where enters Kootenay River.
Drawn on linen paper
textual record : map

2003.061.018 2-6-4-25
More Info Local History
Hand Drawn map on CPR Letter head, on one side and legal description of lots and sizes on other side.
textual record : map

2003.061.019 2-6-4-25
More Info Local History
Hand Drawn map of Block 4591, scale 1 inch = 2 miles. Shows Ft. Steele Junction, and CPR line.hand drawn on light grey linen paper
textual record : map

2003.061.020 2-6-4-25
More Info Local History
BC Telephone Co., right of way for poles, Lot 12256 K.D. F. O'Neil, dated February 1832.
textual record : diagrams, printed

ca 1832
2003.061.021 2-6-4-25
More Info Rivers & Towns from Kalso to Fort Steele

1979.026.006 1-1-3-59
More Info Rivers & Towns from Kalso to Rooseville
Red Ink outlines the route from Cranbrook to Kootenay Bay.
map : blueprint

1979.026.008 2-6-5-13

Kootenay Division Sliding Maps
Including Including subdivisions; Cranbrook, Kimberley, Nelson, Kingsgate, Kaslo-Lardeau route, Kootenay Lake, Boundary, Slocan, Slocan Lake route, Kaslo, Rossland & Carmi. Used by Archibald Robert Leonard (deceased 1995) CPR Conductor 1952-1987. Employee #350004501

2007.016.004 Archives Storage
More Info Map of British Columbia 1961
Colourful basic three dimensional map of British Columbia. Highlights settlements, airports, roads, railroads and pipelines. Includes chart of distances from Vancouver, BC to various world cities in nautical miles.
map : col., printed

2008.035.006 2-6-4-24
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